Hi. I am
Francois Branciard

Shaping and Sculpting ...
Clay, Wood, Stone
Open Source solutions relying on Decentralized Open Execution

About Me

Ex-Software engineer, I have a strong backend experience on complex systems working for around 10 years at Orange Information Systems for several business critical projects. I endorsed several roles, developer, technical leader, and then in charge of a Build Center department.
This experience brings me a lot, working with many teams, production applications on business critical projects with high availability constraints, performance and security.
After that, I then decide to follow my curiosity, new ideas and intuition, and it leads me to naturally meet and dive into Ethereum and learned its ropes. I worked as Blockchain developer for 2 years now and I am always hunger to learn and explore new technologies coming.
More than Blockchain itself, it is the decentralization principle that drives my interest. It leads us to rethink our current imbalance economy behaviour and experiments new possibilities :
Public goods and open source sustain models through new collaborative economics incentives and governances.
Most of those experiments will fail : a good way to learn and build forward on it to reach a better, fair, system. Working on technical tools and softwares that enable those experiments is my priority.
Happy to connect with people wired toward those goals and welcome to this playground


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